Intel® L- and H-tile Avalon® Memory-mapped+ IP for PCI Express* User Guide

ID 683527
Date 10/19/2021

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Document Table of Contents JTAG Silicon ID

This read only register returns the JTAG Silicon ID. The Intel Programming software uses this JTAG ID to make ensure that it is programming the SRAM Object File (*.sof) .
Table 55.  JTAG Silicon ID - 0xB8C-0xB98


Register Description

Default Value



[31:0] JTAG Silicon ID DW3 Unique ID RO
[31:0] JTAG Silicon ID DW2 Unique ID



JTAG Silicon ID DW1 Unique ID


[31:0] JTAG Silicon ID DW0 Unique ID RO
4 Because the Silicon ID is a unique value, it does not have a global default value.