Low Latency Ethernet 10G MAC Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683426
Date 3/01/2022
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4.4.6. XGMII Transmission

On the XGMII, the MAC TX performs the following:

  • Aligns the first byte of the frame to lane 0 of the interface.
  • Performs endian conversion. Transmit frames received from the client on the Avalon® streaming interface are big endian. Frames transmitted on the XGMII are little endian; the MAC TX therefore transmits frames on this interface from the least significant byte.

The following figure shows the timing on the Avalon® streaming TX data interface and XGMII. The least significant byte of the value in D5 is transmitted first on the XGMII.

Figure 13. Endian Conversion

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