Stratix V Avalon-ST Interface with SR-IOV PCIe Solutions: User Guide

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Date 5/02/2016
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1.7. Performance and Resource Utilization

Because the PCIe protocol stack is implemented in hardened logic, it uses no core device resources (no ALMs and no embedded memory).

The SR-IOV Bridge is implemented is soft logic, requiring FPGA fabric resources. The following table shows the typical device resource utilization for selected configurations using the current version of the Quartus® Prime software. With the exception of M20K memory blocks, the numbers of ALMs and logic registers are rounded up to the nearest 50.

Table 6.  Performance and Resource Utilization Stratix® V Avalon-ST with SR-IOV
Number of PFs and VFs


M20K Memory Blocks

Logic Registers

2 PFs




1 PF, 4 VFs




1 PF, 32 VFs 3250 14 5950
2 PFs, 64 VFs 3650 14 6550
2 PFs, 128 VFs 6450 14 9900
Note: Soft calibration of the transceiver module requires additional logic. The amount of logic required depends upon the configuration.

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