High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) Interface Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683189
Date 1/20/2023

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6.5.2. Temperature and Calibration Status Readout

User logic can read the HBM2 TEMP[2:0] signal output value and the CATTRIP signal value from APB address 16’h000C.
Table 35.  APB Read Data Temperature and Calibration Status Information
Read Data Bit Definition Description
[2:0] TEMP [2:0] value from HBM2 device.
[3] CATTRIP value from HBM2 device.
[6:4] Firmware to Controller Temperature Value.
[7] Reserved.
  • 1 = calibration in progress.
  • 0 = calibration complete.
  • 1’b1: Calibration/training successful.
  • 1’b0: Calibration/training failed.
[15:10] Reserved.