E-tile Hard IP User Guide: E-Tile Hard IP for Ethernet and E-Tile CPRI PHY Intel® FPGA IPs

ID 683468
Date 8/30/2022

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Document Table of Contents Auto Negotiation Config Register 1

Offset: 0xC0

Auto Negotiation Config Register 1 Fields

Bit Name Description Access Reset
31:16 consortium_oui Consortium Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI) (lower 16 bits)

Sets the lower bits of the OUI (as defined in IEEE 802.3 Annex 73A) used in sending and receiving Next Pages.

RW 0x737D
11 ignore_consortium_next_page_tech_ability_code Ignore Consortium NextPage Tech Ability Code

1: AN function accepts any unformatted Next Page after a formatted Next Page tagged with the proper OUI for resolving Consortium AN modes

0: The AN function only accepts an unformatted Next Page with the code 0x003 in bits D8:D0

RW 0x0
10 enable_consortium_next_page_override Enable Consortium Next Page override

1: Data sent to the consortium Next Page comes from the Consortium Next Page Override Register (0xCD) instead of being set automatically

0: Data is filled based on supported IP modes

RW 0x0
9 enable_consortium_next_page_receive Enable Consortium Next Page receive

1: Enable decoding received Consortium Next Pages for purpose of resolving AN

0: The AN function ignores the received next pages

RW 0x1
8 enable_consortium_next_page_send Enable Consortium Next Page send

Send Consortium-standard next pages immediately after the base page. If User next pages are enabled, consortium pages is sent after the last user next page.

RW 0x0
7 ignore_nonce_field Ignore Nonce Field

1: Ignore the Nonce field during AN

0: Normal operation

  • AN normally fails in loopback due to the Nonce field
  • To use AN with loopback, disable Nonce bit checking using this feature

The default value for this bit in synthesis is 0 and in simulation is 1.

RW 0x0
6 override_an_chan_enable Override AN Master Channel (as set by AN_CHAN)

1: Use AN Master channel selection from 0xCC[1:0]

0: Use AN Master channel specified via generation parameter

RW 0x0
5 override_an_parameters_enable Override AN Parameters

1: Use the bits from parameter override CSRs to compose the default base page

0: Normal operation

RW 0x0
3 local_device_remote_fault Force Local device remote fault

1: Signal a remote fault using appropriate bit in the AN pages

0: Normal operation

RW 0x0
2 an_next_pages_ctrl Enable User Controlled AN Next Pages

1: User-controlled next pages are enabled. You can send any arbitrary data via the User next page high/low bits (0xC6[31:0]/0xC5[15:0]). The IP pauses on each next page transaction until you set 0xC1[8].

0: User-controlled next page control is disabled. The IP generates the null message to send as next pages, and does not pause on next page transactions.

Set this bit before AN begins, and clear this bit once your next page activity completes to allow AN to finish.

RW 0x0
1 an_base_pages_ctrl Enable User Controlled AN Base Pages

To ensure proper HCD resolution when changing the Tech Ability and FEC fields, set the equivalent bits in the parameter override CSR through override_an_parameters_enable bit.

1: User controlled base pages are enabled; the User Base page CSRs control the base page used for AN

0: The AN logic automatically generates base pages based on the Ethernet Core Variant and its parameters

  • Enable this feature if you need to control the content of the AN Base page
  • Leave this feature disabled if you want the core to perform default negotiation for its type
RW 0x0
0 enable_an Enable AutoNegotiation

1: Enable AutoNegotiation (default)

0: Disable AutoNegotiation

  • Equivalent to state variable mr_autoneg_enable in IEEE 802.3 CL73.10.1
RW 0x1