H-Tile Hard IP Ethernet Intel® FPGA IP User Guide: Stratix® 10 Devices

ID 683430
Date 4/09/2024
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6.6. FlexE and OTN Mode RX Interface

The H-Tile Hard IP for Ethernet IP core RX client interface in FlexE and OTN variations employs the PCS66 interface protocol.

The FlexE and OTN variations allow the application to read 66b blocks from the RX PCS, bypassing the RX MAC.

The RX PCS acts as a source and the client acts as a sink in the receive direction.

Note: The H-Tile Hard IP for Ethernet IP provides preliminary support for the OTN feature. For further inquiries, contact your nearest Intel sales representative or file an Intel Premier Support (IPS) case and quote ID #22019851155.
Table 19.  Signals of the PCS66 RX InterfaceAll interface signals are clocked by the RX clock. The signal names are standard Avalon-ST signals with slight differences to indicate the variations. For example:



o_rx_pcs66_d [256:0]

RX PCS 66b data for 4 blocks.

  • In FlexE mode, the RX PCS 66b data is aligned and descrambled.
  • In OTN mode, the RX PCS 66b data is only aligned.


When asserted, indicates that the RX PCS 66b data is valid.


Alignment marker indicator.

When asserted, Indicates the blocks on the RX PCS 66b data signal are identified as alignment markers.

Figure 30. Receiving Data Using the PCS66 RX Interface for H-Tile Hard IP for Ethernet IP CoreThe figure shows how to read the 66b blocks directly from the RX PCS using the PCS mode RX Interface.