H-Tile Hard IP Ethernet Intel® FPGA IP User Guide: Stratix® 10 Devices

ID 683430
Date 4/09/2024

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B.6.67. TX Statistics Counter Status

TX Statistics Counter Status

Reports the status of the TX Stats counters

Offset: 0x846

TX Statistics Counter Status Fields

Bit Name Description Access Reset
1 tx_shadow_on TX Shadow Request in progress
1: The CSRs for the TX Statistics are currently frozen, and holding the statistic values from the last time a shadow request was made
  • Shadow on is asserted for either a shadow request or a snapshot
RO 0x0
0 tx_parity_err TX Statistics parity error detected
1: A parity error was detected on at least one of the statistics counters since the last time this bit was cleared
  • Statistics counter values are stored periodically by EHIP for long term storage
  • Whenever a counter value is stored, a parity value is calculated for the new value
  • Whenever a stats value is updated, the parity value of the old value is calculated. If it doesn't match the stored value, the sticky parity error bit is asserted
  • If tx_parity_err is high, it means sometime in the past, a parity error was detected on the stats memory
RO 0x0