H-Tile Hard IP Ethernet Intel® FPGA IP User Guide: Stratix® 10 Devices

ID 683430
Date 4/09/2024

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B.1.5. Auto-Negotiation Status Register

Provides the following status information:
  • Auto-negotiation page received
  • Auto-negotiation complete
  • Auto-negotiation ADV Remote Fault
  • Auto-negotiation RXSM Idle
  • Auto-negotiation Ability
  • Auto-negotiation Status
  • LP An Ability
  • SEQ Auto-negotiation Failure
  • Consortium Next Page received
  • Negotiation Failure
  • IEEE Negotiated Port Type

Offset: 0xC2

Access: RO

Auto-Negotiation Status Register Fields

Bit Name Description Access Reset
22:12 ieee_negotiated_port_type IEEE Negotiated Port Type

[7]: 100GBASE-KR4

[8]: 100GBASE-CR4

RO 0x0
11 negotiation_failure AN complete, but unable to resolve PHY

1: AN completed, but was unable to find a highest common denominator rate

0: Normal operation

RO 0x0
10 consortium_next_page_received Consortium Next Page received

1: Consortium Next page identified from link partner

0: No Consortium Next page found

RO 0x0
9 an_failure Auto-Negotiation Failure

1: AN failure detected

0: Normal operation

RO 0x0
7 an_lp_ability Link Partner Auto-Negotiation Ability

1: Link Partner is able to perform AN

0: Link Partner is not able to perform AN

  • This bit is set when the AN Arbitration state successfully enters ACKNOWLEDGE_DETECT
  • This bit is cleared upon entering ABILITY_DETECT, or when AN restarts in the case of link failure or an incompatible link
Note: Auto-negotiation allows broadcasting of the AN ability including data rate capability. You need to ensure that the link partner's data rate matches the IP core.
RO 0x0
6 an_status Auto-Negotiation Status

1: Link is up

0: Link is down

This status bit is sticky, and stays low until the CSR is read

RO 0x0
5 an_ability PHY Auto-Negotiation Ability

1: PHY is able to perform Auto-negotiation

0: PHY is not able to perform Auto-negotiation

  • This bit is tied high when Auto-negotiation module is included in the Ethernet core, low otherwise
RO 0x0
4 an_rxsm_idle AN RX State Machine Idle

1: The AN RXSM is in the Idle state. This means the incoming data is not CL73 compatible

0: AN operating normally

RO 0x0
3 an_adv_remote_fault Auto-Negotiation ADV Remote Fault

1: Fault information sent to link partner

0: Normal operation

  • Remote Fault is encoded in bit D13 of the Base link codeword
  • See IEEE 802.3 CL 73.6.7 for more information
  • See mr_adv_ability in CL 73.10.1
  • This status bit is sticky, and stays low until the CSR is read
RO 0x0
2 an_complete Auto-Negotiation Complete

1: AN Complete

0: AN in progress

  • Corresponds to state variable mr_autoneg_complete in CL 73.10.1
RO 0x0
1 an_page_received AN Page Received

1: A page has been received

0: No page received

  • Corresponds to state variable mr_page_rx in IEEE 802.3 Cl 73.10.1
  • This status bit is sticky, and stays low until the CSR is read
RO 0x0