Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA Configuration User Guide

ID 683865
Date 3/27/2023
Document Table of Contents Encryption and Decryption

Intel® MAX® 10 supports AES encryption. Programming bitstream is encrypted based on the encryption key that is specified by you. In Intel® MAX® 10 devices, the key is part of the ICB settings stored in the internal flash, making it a non-volatile key. However, you can clear/delete the key by performing a full chip erase on the device.

When you use compression with encryption, the configuration file is first compressed, and then encrypted using the Intel® Quartus® Prime software. During configuration, the device first decrypts, and then decompresses the configuration file.

The header and I/O configuration shift register (IOCSR) data will not be encrypted. The decryption block is activated after the IOCSR chain is programmed. The decryption block only decrypts core data and postamble.

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