Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA Configuration User Guide

ID 683865
Date 3/27/2023
Document Table of Contents AES Encryption Protection

The Intel® MAX® 10 design security feature provides the following security protection for your designs:

  • Helps protect against copying—the non-volatile key is securely stored in the Intel® MAX® 10 devices and cannot be read through any interface. Without this key, attackers are unable to decrypt the encrypted configuration image.
  • Helps resist reverse engineering—reverse engineering from an encrypted configuration file is very difficult and time consuming because the file requires decryption.
  • Helps defend against tampering—after you enable the JTAG Secure and Encrypted POF (EPOF) only, the Intel® MAX® 10 device can only accept configuration files encrypted with the same key. Additionally, configuration through the JTAG interface is blocked.

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