Intel FPGA Integer Arithmetic IP Cores User Guide

ID 683490
Date 10/05/2020

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9.2. Verilog HDL Prototype

The following Verilog HDL prototype is located in the Verilog Design File (.v) altera_mf.v in the < Intel® Quartus® Prime installation directory>\eda\synthesis directory.

module altmemmult
#( parameter coeff_representation = "SIGNED",
parameter coefficient0 = "UNUSED",
parameter data_representation = "SIGNED",
parameter intended_device_family = "unused",
parameter max_clock_cycles_per_result = 1,
parameter number_of_coefficients = 1,
parameter ram_block_type = "AUTO",
parameter total_latency = 1,
parameter width_c = 1,
parameter width_d = 1,
parameter width_r = 1,
parameter width_s = 1,
parameter lpm_type = "altmemmult",
parameter lpm_hint = "unused")
( input wire clock,
input wire [width_c-1:0]coeff_in,
input wire [width_d-1:0] data_in,
output wire load_done,
output wire [width_r-1:0] result,
output wire result_valid,
input wire sclr,
input wire [width_s-1:0] sel,
input wire sload_coeff,
input wire sload_data)/* synthesis syn_black_box=1 */;