AN 763: Intel® Arria® 10 SoC Device Design Guidelines

ID 683192
Date 5/17/2022
Document Table of Contents Consider Device Power Consumption and HPS Performance

Intel® Arria® 10 SoC devices can operate the HPS at a faster speed by providing a higher supply voltage (0.95V vs. 0.9V) to the HPS (VCCL_HPS).

For HPS MPU overclocking capabilities, refer to the Intel® Arria® 10 Device Data Sheet for maximum achievable MPU frequency and the associated requirements on device speed grade and HPS supply overdrive level.

The FPGA power is derived from VCC supply and can be 0.9V or 0.95V. The FPGA and device I/O supplies contribute to the major portion of the device power consumption.

GUIDELINE: Provide the capability for the board to supply 0.95V power rail and provide separate power rails to the HPS (VCCL_HPS) and FPGA (VCC).

Separate power rails for VCC and VCCL_HPS enables the following flexibility:
  • If lower power is desired, set VCC=VCCL_HPS=0.9V
  • If higher performance is desired, set VCC=VCCL_HPS=0.95V
  • If an optimum balance of maximum HPS performance with lower total device power consumption is desired, set VCC=0.9V, VCCL_HPS=0.95V