AN 886: Intel Agilex® 7 Device Design Guidelines

ID 683634
Date 10/09/2023
Document Table of Contents

3.1. Device Variant

Table 12.  Device Variant Checklist
Number Done? Checklist Item
1   Consider the available device variants.
2   Select a device based on transceivers; protocol IP cores; I/O pin count; LVDS SERDES Channels; package offering; logic, memory, and multiplier density; PLLs; clock routing; operating temperature; and speed grade.
3   Add power grades because power ordering codes are low.

The Intel Agilex® 7 device family consists of three variants, F-Series, I-Series and M-Series.

For more information about each of these variants, refer to the Intel Agilex® 7 FPGA FPGAs and SoCs Device Overview.