AN 886: Intel Agilex® 7 Device Design Guidelines

ID 683634
Date 10/09/2023
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7.6. Preserving Performance and Reducing Compilation Time

Table 93.  Preserving Performance and Reducing Compilation Time Checklist
Number Done? Checklist Item
1   Use incremental compilation to preserve performance for unchanged blocks in your design and to reduce compilation times.
2   Ensure parallel compilation is enabled if you have multiple processors available for compilation.

Use the incremental compilation feature to preserve logic in unchanged parts of your design, preserve timing performance, and reach timing closure more efficiently. You can speed up design iteration time by an average of 60% when making changes to the design with the incremental compilation feature.

The Intel® Quartus® Prime software can run some algorithms in parallel to take advantage of multiple processors and reduce compilation time when more than one processor is available to compile the design. Set the Parallel compilation option on the Compilation Process Settings page of the Settings dialog box, or change the default setting in the Options dialog box in the Processing page from the Tools menu.