Nios® V Embedded Processor Design Handbook

ID 726952
Date 5/13/2024
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8.3.5. Software Design Files

You can find the following application files in the example design zip file. These software files are available in the sw/app_crc/srcs folder.
Table 49.  Software Design Files
File Description
ci_crc.c Defines a macro to access the CRC processing engine.
ci_crc.h Contains the function prototype for the macro.
crc.c Defines macros for both software CRC and optimized software CRC algorithms.
crc.h Contains the function prototypes for the software CRC application.
crc_main.c Compute the checksum value using all CRC decoder.

The source code begins the application by computing the checksum value using all three CRC decoder and validating the CRC results. Once the CRC results are matched, the application reports the processing performance of the CRC decoder respectively.