Nios® V Embedded Processor Design Handbook

ID 726952
Date 5/13/2024
Document Table of Contents

7.3.7. Operating the RSU Client API

The RSU Client API performs the following operations:

  • Trigger Intel FPGA device reconfiguration with selected image
  • Update the application image
  • Update the factory image
To display the Nios® V processor application messages, the example design utilizes the JTAG UART Intel FPGA IP. You can begin the display message by using the following command:

The JTAG UART terminal displays the RSU message logs, followed by the RSU Menu. While the factory image provides the full list of operations, the application images can support status log acquisition and reconfiguration operations only. The RSU Menu offers the following options:

  1. Acquire RSU status log
  2. Acquire Decision Firmware Status Log
  3. Trigger reconfiguration with Factory Image
  4. Trigger reconfiguration with Application Images
    1. Application-0 Image
    2. Application-1 Image
  5. Add Application-1 Image
  6. Update the Factory Image
  7. Erase Decision Firmware
Note: For application image, the Menu options are only Options 1 to 4.