Nios® V Embedded Processor Design Handbook

ID 726952
Date 5/13/2024
Document Table of Contents Creating an Application Project

You need to use the niosv-app utility to create the application CMakeLists.txt and source it to the application source code. Due to different application source code between the two example designs, the niosv-app commands are sourced different.

  1. Copy the Software Design Files to the software/app folder.
  2. Launch the Nios V Command Shell.
  3. Based on your example design, execute the following command to generate the user application CMakeLists.txt.
    • µC/TCP-IP Simple Socket Server example design
      niosv-app --app-dir=software/app --bsp-dir=software/bsp \
          --srcs=software/app/alt_error_handler.c \
          --srcs=software/app/led.c \
          --srcs=software/app/main.c \
          --srcs=software/app/simple_socket_server.c \
    • µC/TCP-IP IPerf example design
      niosv-app --app-dir=software/app --bsp-dir=software/bsp \
          --srcs=software/app/app_iperf.c \
          --srcs=software/app/main.c \
          --srcs=software/app/uC-IPerf/OS/uCOS-II/iperf_os.c \
          --srcs=software/app/uC-IPerf/Reporter/Terminal/iperf_rep.c \
          --srcs=software/app/uC-IPerf/Source/iperf-c.c \
          --srcs=software/app/uC-IPerf/Source/iperf-s.c \
          --srcs=software/app/uC-IPerf/Source/iperf.c \
          --srcs=software/app/uc_tcp_ip_init.c \