Nios® V Embedded Processor Design Handbook

ID 726952
Date 5/13/2024
Document Table of Contents

4.1. Introduction

The Nios® V processor supports two types of boot processes:
  • Execute-in-Place (XIP) using alt_load() function
  • Program copied to RAM using boot copier.

The Nios® V embedded programs development is based on the hardware abstraction layer (HAL). The HAL provides a small boot loader program (also known as boot copier) that copies relevant linker sections from the boot memory to their run time location at boot time. You can specify the program and data memory run time locations by manipulating the Board Support Package (BSP) Editor settings.

This section describes:
  • Nios® V processor boot copier that boots your Nios® V processor system according to the boot memory selection
  • Nios® V processor booting options and general flow
  • Nios® V programming solutions for the selected boot memory