Intel® Stratix® 10 Configuration User Guide

ID 683762
Date 10/21/2022

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5.1.1. RSU Glossary

Table 36.  RSU Glossary
Term Meaning
Firmware Firmware that runs on SDM. Implements many functions including the functions listed here:
  • FPGA configuration
  • Voltage regulator configuration
  • Temperature measurement
  • HPS software load
  • HPS Reset
  • RSU
  • Read, erase, and program flash memory
  • Device security, including authentication and encryption
Decision firmware Firmware to identify and load the highest priority image. Previous versions of this user guide refer to decision firmware as static firmware. Starting in version 19.1 of the Intel® Quartus® Prime software, you can use RSU to update this firmware.
Decision firmware data Decision firmware data structure containing the following information:
  • The Direct to Factory Image pin assignment.
  • PLL settings for the external clock source. This optional clock source drives OSC_CLK_1. For more information, refer to OSC_CLK_1 Clock Input.
  • Quad SPI pins.
Configuration pointer block (CPB) A list of application image addresses in order of priority. When you add an image address to this block, that image becomes the highest priority.
Sub-partition table (SPT) Data structure to facilitate the management of the flash storage.
Application image Configuration bitstream that implements your design. This image includes the SDM firmware.
Factory image

The backup application image that the RSU loads when all attempts to load an application image fail.

The factory image should provide enough functionality for the device to recover when all application images are corrupt. Once the factory image loads, you can program new application images to replace the failing images.

The SDM loads the factory image in the following circumstances:

  • You assign the Direct to Factory Image function to an SDM I/O pin and assert the pin after a power-on reset or nCONFIG deassertion.
  • All SDM attempts to load the application images fail.
  • You make a request to the SDM to load the factory image.

The configuration system treats the factory image in the same way as it does an application image.

Initial RSU image Contains the factory image, the application images, the decision firmware, and the associated RSU data structures.
Factory update image An image that updates the following RSU-related items in flash:
  • The factory image
  • The decision firmware
  • The decision firmware data
Intel recommends that your factory update image include the minimum amount of logic necessary to debug your design if your application image or images fail to load.