Intel® Stratix® 10 Configuration User Guide

ID 683762
Date 10/21/2022

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Give Feedback Verifying the Option Bit Start and End Addresses

You can decode the start and end address that you specified for each of the SOF page when converting a .sof to .pof file from the 32-bit value of the sector offset address. If you encounter a configuration error you can verify that the generated bitstream addresses match the addresses you specified in the Intel® Quartus® Prime Software.

The following table shows the bit fields of the start address.

Table 18.  Start Address Bit Content
Bit Width Description
31:11 21 Addressable start address
10:1 10 Reserved bits
0 1 Page valid bit
  • 0=Valid
  • 1=Error
Table 19.  End Address Bit Content
Bit Width Description
31:0 32 Addressable end address

To restore the addresses:

  • Start address—append 13'b0000000000000 to the addressable start address
  • End address—append 2'b11 to the addressable end address

For a .pof that has two page addresses with the values shown in the following table.

Sector Offset Value
0x000x03 0x00004000
0x040x07 0x00196E30
0x080x0B 0x001C0000
0x0C0x0F 0x00352E30

For Page 0 if you append the start address bits[31:11] with 13'b0000000000000, the result is 32'b00000000000000010000000000000000 = 0x10000.

If you append the end address 0x00196E0 with 2'b11, the result is 26'b00011001011011100011000011 = 0x65B8C3.

For Page 1 if you append the start address with 13'b0000000000000, the result is 32'b0000000000011100000000000000000000 = 0x700000.

If you append end address 0x00352E30 with 2’b11, the result is 32'b00000000110101001011100011000011 = 0xD4B8C3.

The start and end address must be correlated with the start and end address for each page printed in the .map file.