Nios II Classic Processor Reference Guide

ID 683620
Date 10/28/2016
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6.2. Architecture Revisions

Architecture revisions augment the fundamental capabilities of the Nios II architecture, and affect all Nios II cores. A change in the architecture mandates a revision to all Nios II cores to accommodate the new architectural enhancement. For example, when Intel FPGA adds a new instruction to the instruction set, Intel FPGA consequently must update all Nios II cores to recognize the new instruction.
Table 82.  Nios II Architecture Revisions
Version Release Date Notes
13.1 November 2013
  • Added ECC support for internal RAM blocks (instruction cache, MMU TLB, and register file)
  • Added support for enhanced floating-point custom instructions
11.0 May 2011 No changes.
10.1 December 2010 No changes.
10.0 July 2010 No changes.
9.1 November 2009
  • Added optional external interrupt controller interface.
  • Added optional shadow register sets.
9.0 March 2009 No changes.
8.1 November 2008 No changes.
8.0 May 2008
  • Added an optional MMU.
  • Added an optional MPU.
  • Added advanced exception checking to detect division errors, illegal instructions, misaligned memory accesses, and provide extra exception information.
  • Added the initda instruction.
7.2 October 2007 Added the jmpi instruction.
7.1 May 2007 No changes.
7.0 March 2007 No changes.
6.1 November 2006 No changes.
6.0 May 2006 Added optional cpu_resetrequest and cpu_resettaken signals to all processor cores.
5.1 October 2005 No changes.
5.0 May 2005 Added the flushda instruction.
1.1 December 2004
  • Added cpuid control register.
  • Updated break instruction specification to accept an immediate argument for use by debugging tools.
1.01 September 2004 No changes.
1.0 May 2004 Initial release of the Nios II processor architecture.