Nios II Classic Processor Reference Guide

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Date 10/28/2016
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6.4. JTAG Debug Module Revisions

JTAG debug module revisions augment the debug capabilities of the Nios® II processor, or fix bugs isolated within the JTAG debug module logic.
Table 86.  JTAG Debug Module Revisions
Version Release Date Notes
11.0 May 2011 No changes.
10.1 December 2010 No changes.
10.0 July 2010 No changes.
9.1 November 2009 No changes.
9.0 March 2009 No changes.
8.1 November 2008 No changes.
8.0 May 2008 No changes.
7.2 October 2007 No changes.
7.1 May 2007 No changes.
7.0 March 2007 No changes.
6.1 November 2006 No changes.
6.0 May 2006 No changes.
5.1 October 2005 No changes.
5.0 May 2005 Support for HardCopy devices (previous versions of the JTAG debug module did not support HardCopy devices).
1.1 December 2004 Bug fix:

When using the Nios II/s and Nios II/f cores, hardware breakpoints may have falsely triggered when placed on the instruction sequentially following a jmp, trap, or any branch instruction.

1.01 September 2004
  • Feature enhancements:

    (1) Added the ability to trigger based on the instruction address. Uses include triggering trace control (trace on/off), sequential triggers, and trigger in/out signal generation.

    (2) Enhanced trace collection such that collection can be stopped when the trace buffer is full without halting the Nios® II processor.

    (3) Armed triggers – Enhanced trigger logic to support two levels of triggers, or "armed triggers"; enabling the use of "Event A then event B" trigger definitions.

  • Bug fixes:

    (1) On the Nios II/s core, trace data sometimes recorded incorrect addresses during interrupt processing.

    (2) Under certain circumstances, captured trace data appeared to start earlier or later than the desired trigger location.

    (3) During debugging, the processor would hang if a hardware breakpoint and an interrupt occurred simultaneously.

1.0 May 2004 Initial release of the JTAG debug module.