Nios II Classic Processor Reference Guide

ID 683620
Date 10/28/2016
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4.3. Advanced Features Tab

The Advanced Features tab allows you to enable specialized features of the Nios II processor.
Table 58.  Advanced Features Tab Parameters
Name Description
Interrupt controller Refer to the "Interrupt Controller" Interfaces section.
Number of shadow register sets Refer to the "Shadow Register Sets" section.
Include cpu_resetrequest and cpu_resettaken signals Refer to the "Reset Signal"s section.
Assign cpuid control register value manually Refer to the "Control Registers" section.
cpuid control register value
Exception Checking
Illegal instruction Refer to the "Exception Checking" section.
Division error
Misaligned memory access
Extra exception information
HardCopy Compatibility
HardCopy compatible Refer to the "Hardcopy Compatible" section.
ECC present Refer to the "ECC" section.