Nios II Classic Processor Reference Guide

ID 683620
Date 10/28/2016
Document Table of Contents Instruction Cache Tag RAM

  1. Ensure all code up to the JMP instruction is in the same instruction cache line or is located in an ITCM.
  2. Use a FLUSHI instruction to flush an instruction cache line other than the line containing the executing code.
  3. Use a FLUSHP instruction to flush the pipeline.
  4. Use a WRCTL instruction to set ECCINJ.ICTAG to INJS or INJD. This setting causes an ECC error to occur on the start of the next line fill.
  5. Use a JMP instruction to jump to an instruction address in the flushed line.
  6. The ECC error is injected when writing the tag RAM at the start of the line fill.
  7. Use a RDCTL instruction to ensure that the value of ECCINJ.ICTAG is NOINJ.
  8. The ECC error triggers after the target of the JMP instruction.