Arria® V Device Handbook: Volume 2: Transceivers

ID 683573
Date 5/29/2020
Document Table of Contents

6.6.5. Merging Instances

You can merge transmitter and receiver instances with the different 10G PCS datapath configurations in the same 10 Gbps physical channel.

For example, the Quartus II software allows you to create the two following instances and place them in the same physical transceiver channel:

  • Transmitter only instance with a 40-bit FPGA fabric interface
  • Receiver only instance with a 64-bit FPGA fabric interface

However, you cannot merge a transmitter instance and receiver instance (1 channel instance) using different PCS blocks (10G PCS and standard PCS) within the same physical transceiver channel.

Transceiver Channel Placement Guidelines

Arria V GZ devices allow the placement of up to four or five channels when a CMU PLL is used or up to six channels when an ATX PLL is used with Custom and Low Latency datapath configurations with Standard PCS and 10G PCS (same data rate) within the same transceiver bank.