Arria® V Device Handbook: Volume 2: Transceivers

ID 683573
Date 5/29/2020
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8.14. Document Revision History

Date Version Changes
April 2019 2019.04.08 Rebranded the following:
  • EyeQ to Eye Viewer
January 2016 2016.01.08 Removed mgmt_clk_clk statement from "Offset Cancellation" section.
September 2014 2014.09.30 Added FPGA fabric to transceiver channel interface width reconfiguration feature in Table: Dynamic Reconfiguration Features.
May 2013 2013.05.06
  • Updated TX DCD calibration information
  • Included link AN 661 for fPLL reconfiguration
  • Added link to the known document issues in the Knowledge Base
November 2012 2012.11.19
  • Rewritten and reorganized content, and updated template
  • Updated Transceiver Interface Reconfiguration
  • Added Reduced .mif Reconfiguration
  • Added On-Chip Signal Quality Monitoring (Eye Viewer) for Arria GZ devices
  • Adaptive Equalization for Arria GZ devices
  • Decision Feedback Equalization for Arria GZ devices
  • Listed unsupported features
June 2012 1.2
  • Added “Transceiver PLL Reconfiguration” and “Transceiver Channel and Interface Reconfiguration” sections.
  • Updated the “Offset Cancellation and TX Duty Cycle Distortion Calibration” section
  • Updated Table 7–1
November 2011 1.1
  • Added Table 7–1
  • Deleted “Transceiver Reconfiguration Controller” and “Channel and PLL Reconfiguration” sections.
  • Updated “Offset Cancellation” and “PMA Analog Settings Reconfiguration” sections
  • Added “Enabling and Disabling Loopback Modes” section.