Arria® V Device Handbook: Volume 2: Transceivers

ID 683573
Date 5/29/2020
Document Table of Contents

8.1. Dynamic Reconfiguration Features

The following table lists the available dynamic reconfiguration features.
Table 88.  Reconfiguration Features
Reconfiguration Feature Description Affected Blocks
Offset Cancellation Counter offset variations due to process operation for the analog circuit. This feature is mandatory if you use receivers.


For Arria V GZ devices, offset cancellation is also available for the RX buffer.

DCD Calibration Compensates for the duty cycle distortion caused by clock network skew. TX buffer and clock network skew

Arria V GZ devices do not support DCD calibration.

Analog Controls Reconfiguration Fine-tune signal integrity by adjusting the transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) analog settings while bringing up a link. Analog circuit of TX and RX buffer
Loopback Modes Enable or disable Pre- and Post-CDR Reverse Serial Loopback dynamically. PMA
Data Rate Change Increase or decrease the data rate (/1, /2, /4, /8) for autonegotiation purposes such as CPRI and SATA/SAS applications TX Local clock dividers
Reconfigure the TX PLL settings for protocols with multi-data rate support such as CPRI TX PLL
Switch between multiple TX PLLs for multi-data rate support
  • TX PLL
  • Fractional PLL (Reconfigure the fPLL data rate with the ALTERA_PLL_RECONFIG megafunction.)
Channel reconfiguration—Reconfigure the RX CDR from one data rate to another data rate CDR
FPGA fabric - transceiver channel data width reconfiguration FPGA fabric - transceiver channel interface.
On-Chip Signal Quality Monitoring

Supported by Arria V GZ devices

Eye Viewer is a debug and diagnostic tool that analyzes the incoming data, including the receiver’s gain, noise level, and jitter after the receive buffer. CDR
Continuous Time Linear Equalization

Supported by Arria V GZ devices

Compensates for backplane losses and dispersion which degrade signal quality. You can implement it adaptively once or continuously. RX PMA
Decision Feedback Equalization

Supported by Arria V GZ devices

Helps compensate for backplane attenuation because of insufficient bandwidth. You can implement it once or continuously. RX PMA