Intel® Agilex™ 7 FPGAs and SoCs Device Data Sheet: F-Series and I-Series

ID 683301
Date 2/20/2023
Document Table of Contents

Memory Output Clock Jitter Specifications

The clock jitter specification applies to the memory output clock pins clocked by an I/O PLL, or generated using differential signal-splitter and double data I/O circuits clocked by a PLL output routed on a PHY clock network as specified. Intel® recommends using PHY clock networks for better jitter performance.

The memory clock output jitter is within the JEDEC* specifications when the phase jitter (integration bandwidth 10 kHz to 50 MHz) of the input clock is not more than 20 ps peak-to-peak, or 1.42 ps RMS at 1e-12 BER and 1.22 ps at 1e-16 BER.

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