Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Partial Reconfiguration

ID 683834
Date 1/11/2022

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2.6.8. Step 8: Setup PR Implementation Revisions

You must prepare the PR implementation revisions before you can generate the PR bitstream for device programming. This setup includes adding the static region .qdb file as the source file for each implementation revision. In addition, you must specify the corresponding entity of the PR region.
Note: The base revision .qdb provides the only effective pin assignments for the implementation revision. Even if you subsequently change the pin assignments in the implementation revision .qsf, those changes do not take effect.
Follow these steps to setup the PR implementation revisions:
  1. Set an implementation revision as the Current Revision.
  2. To specify the .qdb file as the source for root_partition, click Assignments > Design Partitions Window. Double-click the Partition Database File cell and specify the appropriate .qdb file.
  3. For each PR implementation revision, specify the name of the entity that you want to partially reconfigure in the Entity Re-binding cell. This entity name comes from the design file for the persona you want to implement in this implementation revision.
    Figure 15. Design Partitions Window
  4. To compile the design, click Processing > Start Compilation.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 to setup and compile each implementation revision. Alternatively, use a simple Tcl script to compile all implementation revisions:
    set_current_revision <implementation1 revision name>
    execute_flow -compile
    set_current_revision <implementation2 revision name>
    execute_flow -compile
    Note: When you generate a static .qdb for import into a PR implementation compile, make sure to preserve the entity-bound .sdc files for the static partition. Also, for the implementation revision to properly process the .sdc files, the order of assignments in the implementation file .qsf is very important. Verify the order of the .sdc files in the implementation revision. The implementation revision includes the entity-bound .sdc constraints pulled in by the static region .qdb. The implementation revision also includes the .sdc files for the implementation revision. If you require the .sdc files pulled in by the static region .qdb before the implementation revision .sdc files, ensure that the QDB_FILE_PARTITION assignment appears before any other .sdc file assignment.