Intel® FPGA SDK for OpenCL™: Stratix® V Network Reference Platform Porting Guide

ID 683645
Date 11/06/2017
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3.12.5. aocl diagnose

The diagnose utility reports device information and identifies issues. The diagnose utility first verifies the installation of the kernel driver. Depending on whether an additional argument is specified in the command, the utility then performs different tasks.

Without an argument, the utility returns the overall information of all the devices installed in a host machine. If a specific device name is provided as an argument (that is, aocl diagnose <device_name> ), the diagnose utility runs a memory transfer test and then reports the host-device transfer performance.

You can run the diagnose utility for multiple devices (that is, aocl diagnose <device_name1> <device_name2> <device_name3> ). If you want to run the diagnose utility for all devices, use the all option (that is aocl diagnose all).