Intel® Arria® 10 SoC Development Kit User Guide

ID 683227
Date 2/21/2024
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5.4.1. System Controller Configuration

J58 is used to turn off the FPGA power. The following table lists the status of each J58 configuration.

Table 16.  J58 Jumper Settings
Board Reference Description
  • OPEN: Normal application
  • SHORT: No power to FPGA
The MAX V system controller controls the power sequence. The wrong configuration file may damage the board.

The following procedure must be followed to program the system controller MAX V:

  1. Short J58
  2. Set SW3 Bits to:
    Table 17.  SW3 System Configuration Mode for System Controller MAX V Programming
    Bit1 Bit2 Bit3 Bit4 Bit5 Bit6 Bit7 Bit8

  3. Turn on the power; the red LED will be flashing
  4. Connect the USB cable to the on-board Intel® FPGA Download Cable II
  5. Use “autodetect” in Intel® Quartus® Prime to detect MAX V
  6. Click Change File and select \examples\max5\PRD\system_max5\system_max5.pof
  7. Turn on Program/Configure option for the selected .pof file, click Start to download it to MAX V. Configuration is complete when the progress bar reaches 100%
  8. Turn off the power and remove J58
  9. Set SW3 to normal operation mode

    Refer to the Table 3-4 in Default Switch and Jumper Settings for SW3 configuration.

  10. Turn on the power; the red LED will be on until the FPGA is configured