Intel® Arria® 10 SoC Development Kit User Guide

ID 683227
Date 2/21/2024
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5.5. Status Elements

The development board includes status LEDs. This section describes the status elements.

Table 21.  Board Specific LEDs
Board Reference Type Description
D18 Configuration done LED Illuminates when the FPGA is configured.
D19 Load LED Illuminates when the MAX V CPLD 5M2210 System Controller is actively configuring the FPGA.
D17 Error LED Red LED illuminates when the FPGA configuration from flash memory fails.
D42 Power LED Illuminates when 3.3-V power is present.
D13, D14 JTAG TX/RX LEDs Indicate the transmit or receive activity of the JTAG chain. The TX and RX LEDs flicker if the link is in use and active. The LEDs are either off when not in use or on when in use but idle.
D20-D22 Program select LEDs Illuminates to show which flash memory image loads to the FPGA when you press the program select push button.
D23, D24 FMC port present LEDs Illuminates when a daughtercard is plugged into the FMC port.
D11, D12 UART LEDs Illuminates when the UART transmitter and receiver are in use.