Intel® Arria® 10 SoC Development Kit User Guide

ID 683227
Date 7/12/2023
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5.6.3. Reference Clock Source Selection

The HPS jumpers define the bootstrap options for the HPS—boot source, mode, HPS clocks settings, power-on-reset (POR) mode and peripherals selection.

Table 26.  HPS Jumpers
Board Reference Schematic Signal Name Description
J17, J16 OSC2_CLK_SEL [1:0] Selects the source of OSC2 clock:

00—Select 25 MHz clock source

01—Select external source via SMA connector

10—Select 33 MHz on-board oscillator

J30 HPS voltage selection

Short—HPS core voltage is 0.95V

Open—HPS core voltage is 0.9V

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