Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

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Date 2/12/2021

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23.3.2. Trace Within System Console

When System Console detects a trace system, the Tools menu shows Trace Table View. Select this option to display the trace table view configuration dialogue box.
Each detected trace system contains an entry at the Select hardware drop down menu. Select one of them and the available settings for its monitors will display. Each type of monitor provides a different set of settings, which can be changed by clicking on the Value column.
Figure 75. Trace Control Bar IconsThe figure shows the trace control bar, which lets you control the acquisition of data through the trace system.
Table 75.  Functions of Trace Control Bar IconsThe table lists the trace control bar, which lets you control the acquisition of data through the trace system.
Icon Function
Settings Displays the configuration dialog box again.
Start Tells the trace system to start acquiring data. Data is displayed in the table view as soon as possible after it is acquired.
Stop Stops acquiring data.
Pause Stops the display from updating data, but does not affect data acquisition. If you want to examine some data for a length of time, it good to pause so that your data is not aged out of the underlying database.
Save Saves the raw captured data as a trace database file. You can reload this file using the Open file icon in the configuration dialogue.
Filter Control Lets you filter the captured items to be displayed, but it does not affect acquisition. The filter accepts standard regular expression syntax—you can use filters such as blue/white to select either color.
Filter Opens the filter settings dialogue, that allows you to select the parts of the captured data you want to display.
Export Exports a text file containing the current contents of the trace table view. Filters affect the contents of this file.