Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

ID 683416
Date 2/12/2021

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24.4. Operating the Warp Lite IP

  1. Enable and disable by setting or clearing a control bit in the register map.
  2. Generate a set of coefficients for the warp with the gen_coefficients API function.
  3. Update the IP with the coefficients using the apply_coefficients API function.
    Intel recommends using the API rather than setting individual registers. The API checks that the generated coefficients are within IP parameterization limits.

The IP validates that the coefficients are valid for the selected hardware configuration in the software API functions. Invalid sets can cause the IP to wait for conditions that it cannot process.

When you enable the warp IP, it checks arriving control packets to select warp coefficients for the following video frame. If a control packet does not match your coefficients, the warp loads a set of passthrough coefficients. If the resolution changes without coefficients updating, the coefficients might specify thresholds outside the configuration of the IP.

The IP writes the frame to buffers line by line. When the IP receives sufficient lines, the IP generates output lines. It frees lines as it goes, allowing you to write more lines of the incoming frame.