Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

ID 683416
Date 2/12/2021

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A.3.6. c_av_st_video_sink_bfm_’SINK

The declaration for the c_av_st_video_sink_bfm_’SINK class:
‘define CLASSNAME c_av_st_video_sink_bfm_’SINK;
 class ‘CLASSNAME extends c_av_st_video_source_sink_base;
Table 101.  Method Calls for c_av_st_video_sink_bfm_’SINK ClassThis class does not have additional members to those of the base class.
Method Call Description
function new(mailbox#(c_av_st_video_item)m_vid); Constructor.
task start; The start method simply waits until the reset of the Avalon-ST sink BFM goes inactive, then calls the receive_video()task.
task receive_video; The receive_video task continually drives the Avalon-ST sink BFM’s ready signal in accordance with the probability settings in the base class. It also continually captures signal_received_transaction events from the Avalon-ST sink BFM and uses the Avalon-ST sink BFM API to read bus data.

Bus data is decoded according to the Avalon-ST video specification and data is packed into an object of the appropriate type (video, control or, user). The object is then put into the mailbox.

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