Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

ID 683416
Date 2/12/2021

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15.8. Avalon-ST Video Support

You can configure the Deinterlacer II to accept interlaced content to a maximum width of 2048 and maximum height of 1080 (1080i).
Note: The Deinterlacer II IP core supports a maximum field width of 2048 pixels to allow the deinterlacing of progressive segmented frames of this width, as specified in SMPTE ST 2048-2:2011 Annex A.

Progressive content of all resolutions, including 4K content, will be passed through unchanged.

The Deinterlacer II always passes through user packets. The Deinterlacer II IP core contains an embedded Avalon-ST Stream Cleaner IP core for motion adaptive configurations, which you may disable. It is included to ensure that there is no possibility of malformed input packets locking up the deinterlacer.

You may disable the embedded stream cleaner but this is only recommended if a stream cleaner already exists in the system upstream of the deinterlacer or if you select one of the simpler algorithms (Vertical interpolation (“Bob”) or Field weaving (“Weave”), which have complete resilience to all possible malformed inputs.