Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

ID 683416
Date 2/12/2021

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A.3.9. c_pixel

The declaration for the c_pixel class:
class c_pixel#(parameters BITS_PER_CHANNEL=8, CHANNELS_PER_PIXEL=3);
Table 105.  Method Calls for c_pixel Class
Method Call Description
function new(); Constructor.
function void copy(c_pixel #(BITS_PER_CHANNEL, CHANNELS_PER_PIXEL) pix); Copies object pixel into this object.
function bit[BITS_PER_CHANNEL-1:0] get_data(int id); Returns pixel data for channel id.
function void set_data(int id, bit [BITS_PER_CHANNEL-1:0] data); Sets pixel data for channel id.

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