Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

ID 683416
Date 2/12/2021

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11.3. Splitting and Duplicating

You can configure the Color Plane Sequencer II IP core to split a single Avalon-ST Video input stream into two Avalon-ST Video output streams.

In this mode of operation, the IP core arranges the color patterns of video data packets on the output streams in a user-defined way using any of the color planes of the input color pattern.

The color planes of the input color pattern are available for use on either, both, or neither of the outputs. This allows for splitting of video data packets, duplication of video data packets, or a mix of splitting and duplication. The output color patterns are independent of each other, so the arrangement of one output stream's color pattern places no limitation on the arrangement of the other output stream's color pattern.

Figure 46. Example of Splitting Color Patterns
A deadlock may happen when a video design splits, processes independently, and then joins back the color planes, or when the sequencer splits the color planes in front of another VIP IP core. To avoid this issue, add small FIFO buffers at the output of the Color Plane Sequencer II IP core that are configured as splitters.