Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

ID 683416
Date 2/12/2021

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5.1. IP Catalog and VIP Parameter Editor

The Video and Image Processing Suite IP cores are available only through the Platform Designer IP Catalog in the Intel® Quartus® Prime. The Platform Designer IP Catalog (Tools > Platform Designer ) and parameter editor help you easily customize and integrate IP cores into your project. You can use the Platform Designer IP Catalog and parameter editor to select, customize, and generate files representing your custom IP variation.

Double-click on any IP core name to launch the parameter editor and generate files representing your IP variation. The parameter editor prompts you to specify your IP variation name, optional ports, architecture features, and output file generation options. The parameter editor generates a top-level .qsys file representing the IP core in your project. Alternatively, you can define an IP variation without an open Intel® Quartus® Prime project. When no project is open, select the Device Family directly in IP Catalog to filter IP cores by device.

Use the following features to help you quickly locate and select an IP core:

  • Search to locate any full or partial IP core name in IP Catalog.
  • Right-click an IP core name in IP Catalog to display details about supported devices, installation location, and links to documentation.

Upgrading VIP Designs

In the Intel® Quartus® Prime software, if you open a design from previous versions that contains VIP components in a Platform Designer system, you may get a warning message with the title "Upgrade IP Components". This message is just letting you know that VIP components within your Platform Designer system need to be updated to their latest versions, and to do this the Platform Designer system must be regenerated before the design can be compiled within the Intel® Quartus® Prime software. The recommended way of doing this with a VIP system is to close the warning message and open the design in Platform Designer so that it is easier to spot any errors or potential errors that have arisen because of the design being upgraded.

VIP IP Interoperability

The IP in the VIP Suite interoperate with each other. Their streaming interfaces use the same standard of data transmission layered on top of Avalon streaming interface. You can connect them together in Platform Designer and create a chain to build a video processing pipeline. The automatic insertion of Avalon streaming adapters in Platform Designer is disabled for video IP cores. Inserting width adapters breaks the semantics of the Avalon streaming video protocol. You must manually insert the Color Space Sequencer IP to perform data width conversion.