Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

ID 683416
Date 2/12/2021

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8. 2D FIR II IP Core

The 2D FIR II IP core performs 2D convolution using matrices of specific coefficients.
The 2D FIR II IP core has 2 distinct modes of operation (user-defined at compile time).
  • Standard FIR mode
    • In this mode, the IP core performs 2D finite impulse response filtering (convolution) using matrices of N×M coefficients, where N is a parameterizable number of horizontal taps (1 <= N <= 16) and M is a parameterizable number of vertical taps (1 <= M <= 16).
    • You can set the coefficients used by the filter either as fixed parameters at compile time, or as run-time alterable values which you can edit through an Avalon-MM slave interface.
    • With suitable coefficients, the filter can perform operations such as sharpening, smoothing, and edge detection.
  • Dedicated edge-adaptive sharpening mode
    • You can use this mode to sharpen blurred edges in the incoming video.