Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

ID 683416
Date 2/12/2021

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22.1.4. SDI Pathological

The SDI pathological test pattern is specifically designed to stress test the SDI equalizer and PLL performance.

The test pattern consists of a static test image with the top half of the lines filled with a shade of magenta, and the bottom half of the lines filled with a shade of gray.

Figure 73. SDI Pathological Test Pattern

The option to add a border around the SDI pathological pattern is not enabled because this would reduce the effectiveness of this test for SDI interfaces.

Table 70.  Color Values for Each Bar of the SDI Pathological Pattern in RGB and YCbCr Color SpacesThe table lists the values used for each bar in both RGB and YCbCr color spaces for 8 bits per color sample. If the requested output is not in 8 bits per color sample, the IP core truncates or increases these values accordingly.
Color RGB YCbCr
Magenta (Upper bar) (195, 35, 215) (102, 192, 192)
Gray (Lower bar) (68, 68, 68) (68, 128, 128)