Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

ID 683416
Date 2/12/2021

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7.5. Clocked Video Output II Latency Mode

The Clocked Video Output II IP provides a low latency mode..

You can enable the low latency mode by setting the Low latency mode parameter to 1 in the Clocked Video Output II parameter editor. In the low latency mode, when the IP sees an early end of frame, or a change of resolution, the IP immediately updates the selected mode, resets the internal counters, and starts transmitting the new frame. These changes happen even if the timing is only part way through the previous frame.

If you choose not to enable the low latency mode, an early end of packet or change of resolution pauses reading of the FIFO buffer until the timing of the current frame is completed. Only at this point, the IP updates any new timings and starts transmitting new frames. In this mode, if the IP receives a partial video frame , when the FIFO buffer has filled, it generates backpressure until the current frame (including vertical sync) has completed.