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Date 2/12/2021

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9.2. Mixer II Parameter Settings

Table 33.  Mixer II Parameter Settings
Parameter Value Description
Maximum output frame width 32-8192, Default = 1920 Specify the maximum image width for the layer background in pixels.
Maximum output frame height 32-8192, Default = 1080 Specify the maximum image height for the layer background in pixels.
Bits per color sample 4-20, Default = 8 Select the number of bits per pixel (per color plane).
Number of pixels in parallel 1, 2, 4, 8 Select the number of pixels transmitted every clock cycle.
Colorspace (used for background layer)
  • RGB
  • YCbCr
Select the color space you want to use for the background test pattern layer.
4:2:2 support On or Off Turn on to enable 4:2:2 sampling rate format for the background test pattern layer.

Turn off to enable 4:4:4 sampling rate.

Note: The IP core does not support odd heights or widths in 4:2:2 mode.
Synchronize background to layer 0 On or Off Turn on to synchronize the background layer to layer 0 (low-latency mode).

Turn off to use the internal Test Pattern Generator as the background layer.

Layer Position Enable On or Off Turn on to enable the layer mapping.

Turn off to disable the layer mapping functionality to save gates.

Number of inputs 1-20; Default = 4 Specify the number of inputs to be mixed.
Alpha Blending Enable (all layers) On or Off Turn on to allow the IP core to alpha blend using a run-time programmable register alpha value..
InputN alpha channel On or Off Turn on to allow the input streams to have an alpha channel.
  • Color bars
  • Uniform background
Select the pattern you want to use for the background test pattern layer.
R or Y Default = 0 If you choose to use uniform background pattern, specify the individual R'G'B' or Y'Cb'Cr' values based on the color space you selected.

The uniform values match the width of bits per pixel up to a maximum of 16 bits. Values beyond 16 bits are zero padded at the LSBs.

G or Cb Default = 0
B or Cr Default = 0
Register Avalon-ST ready signals On or Off Turn on to add pipeline. Adding pipeline increases the fMAX value when required, at the expense of increased resource usage.
Reduced control register readback On or Off

If you turn on this parameter, the values written to register

3 and upwards cannot be read back through the control

slave interface. This option reduces ALM usage.

If you do not turn on this parameter, the values of all the

registers in the control slave interface can be read back

after they are written.

Add extra register stages to data pipeline 1-20; Default = 0

Add extra register stages in the data pipeline to improve timing.

Add one register stage every Nth data processing stage where N is the parameter value; setting a value of 0 disables this feature.

There are as many data processing stages as there are inputs.

How user packets are handled
  • No user packets allowed
  • Discard all user packets received
  • Pass all user packets through the output
Select whether to allow user packets to be passed through the mixer.

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