Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

ID 683416
Date 2/12/2021

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A.3.14. av_mm_control_base

The declaration for the av_mm_control_base class:
class c_av_mm_control_base #(int unsigned AV_ADDRESS_W = 32, int unsigned AV_DATA_W = 32); 
Table 114.  Method Calls for av_mm_ control_base Class
Method Call Description
function new(mailbox #(c_av_mm_control_register) m_register, mailbox #(c_av_mm_control_register) m_readdata); Constructor.
function void set_name(string s);
function string get_name();
function void set_idleness_probability(int percentage); Constrained random only.
Table 115.  Members of av_mm_ control_base Class
Member Description
string name = "undefined";
mailbox #(c_av_mm_control_register) m_register_items;
mailbox #(c_av_mm_control_register) m_readdata;