Video and Image Processing Suite User Guide

ID 683416
Date 2/12/2021

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1.3. Latency

You can use the latency information to predict the approximate latency between the input and the output of your video processing pipeline.

The latency is described using one or more of the following measures:

  • the number of progressive frames
  • the number of interlaced fields
  • the number of lines when less than a field of latency
  • a number of cycles

When you measure the latency, assume that other functions on the data path are not stalling the IP; (the output ready signal is high).

Table 4.  Video and Image Processing Suite LatencyThe table lists the approximate latency from the video data input to the video data output for typical usage modes of the Video and Image Processing IPs.
IP Core Mode Latency
2D FIR Filter Latency Filter size: N × N (N–1) lines + (n cycles)
Mixer II All modes n cycles
Avalon-ST Video Stream Cleaner All modes n cycles
Chroma Resampler II Input format: 4:2:2; Output format: 4:4:4 n cycles
Input format: 4:2:0; Output format: 4:4:4 or 4:2:2 1 line + n cycles
Clipper II All modes n cycles
Clocked Video Input II All modes n cycles

Clocked Video Output II

All modes n cycles
Color Plane Sequencer II All modes n cycles
Color Space Converter II All modes n cycles
Control Synchronizer All modes n cycles
Deinterlacer II
  • Method: Bob
  • Frame buffering: None
n cycles
  • Method: Weave
  • Frame buffering: None
1 field + n cycles
  • Method: Motion-adaptive
  • Frame buffering: None
  • Output frame rate: As input field rate
2 lines + n cycles
  • Method: Motion-adaptive, video-over-film mode
  • Frame buffering: 3 input fields are buffered
  • Output frame rate: same as the input field rate
1 field + 2 lines, or 2 lines

40% to 60% (depending on phasing) of the time, the core performs a weave forward so there is no initial field of latency.

Frame Buffer II All modes 1 frame + n cycles
Gamma Corrector II All modes n cycles
Interlacer II All modes n cycles
Scaler II
  • Scaling algorithm: Polyphase
  • Number of vertical taps: N
(N –1) lines + n cycles
Switch II All modes n cycles
Test Pattern Generator II Not applicable.
Warp Lite IP All modes Up to 100 lines. The amount varies across the frame depending on the level of distortion specified.