AN 802: Intel® Stratix® 10 SoC Device Design Guidelines

ID 683117
Date 12/14/2020
Document Table of Contents

3.1.3. FPGA-to-HPS Bridge

GUIDELINE: Use the FPGA-to-HPS bridge for cache coherent memory accesses to the HPS from masters in the FPGA.

The FPGA-to-HPS bridge allows masters implemented in the FPGA fabric to access memory and peripherals inside the HPS. This bridge supports a fixed 128-bit data path. Platform Designer can handle the data width adaptation in the generated interconnect for narrow masters.

GUIDELINE: The FPGA-to-HPS bridge supports cache coherent memory accesses with the ACE-Lite protocol.

FPGA masters must use the ACE-Lite cache signaling extensions for cache coherent accesses.

For more information about the ACE-Lite protocol extensions for cache coherent transactions, refer to the AMBA* AXI and ACE Protocol Specification on the Arm* Developer website.

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