External Memory Interfaces Intel Agilex® 7 M-Series FPGA IP User Guide

ID 772538
Date 6/26/2023

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4.3. Intel Agilex® 7 M-Series EMIF IP for LPDDR5 Interfaces

The interfaces in the Intel Agilex® 7 M-Series EMIF IP each have signals that can be connected in the Platform Designer. The following table lists the interfaces and corresponding interface types.

Table 41.  Interfaces for EMIF IP
Interface Name Interface Type Description
ref_clk clock PLL reference clock input
core_init_n reset An input to indicate that core configuration is complete
usr_async_clk clock User clock interface
usr_clk clock User clock interface
usr_rst_n reset User clock domain reset interface
s0_axi4 axi4 Fabric (i.e. NOC-bypass) interface to controller
mem conduit Interface between FPGA and external memory
oct conduit On-Chip Termination (OCT) interface
s0_axil_clk clock Axilite clock interface
s0_axil_rst_n reset Axilite reset interface
s0_axil axi4lite Fabric (i.e. NOC-bypass) axilite interface to the IOSSM, including the EMIF mailbox and the calbus bridge