L- and H-Tile Avalon® Streaming and Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) Intel® FPGA IP for PCI Express* User Guide

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Date 4/23/2024
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6.1.1. TLP Header and Data Alignment for the Avalon-ST RX and TX Interfaces

The TLP header and data is packed on the TX and RX interfaces.

The ordering of bytes in the header and data portions of packets is different. The first byte of the header dword is located in the most significant byte of the dword. The first byte of the data dword is located in the least significant byte of the dword on the data bus.

Table 30.  Mapping Avalon-ST Packets to PCI Express TLPs
Packet TLP
Header0 pcie_hdr_byte0, pcie_hdr_byte1, pcie_hdr_byte2, pcie_hdr_byte3
Header1 pcie_hdr_byte4, pcie_hdr_byte5, pcie_hdr_byte6, pcie_hdr_byte7
Header2 pcie_hdr_byte8, pcie_hdr_byte9, pcie_hdr_byte10, pcie_hdr_byte11
Header3 pcie_hdr_byte12, pcie_hdr_byte13, pcie_hdr_byte14, pcie_hdr_byte15
Data0 pcie_data_byte3, pcie_data_byte2, pcie_data_byte1, pcie_data_byte0
Data1 pcie_data_byte7, pcie_data_byte6, pcie_data_byte5, pcie_data_byte4
Data2 pcie_data_byte11, pcie_data_byte10, pcie_data_byte9, pcie_data_byte8
Data<n> pcie_data_byte<4n+3>, pcie_data_byte<4n+2>, pcie_data_byte<4n+1>, pcie_data_byte0<4n>

The following figure illustrates the mapping of Avalon-ST packets to PCI Express* TLPs for a three-dword header and a four-dword header. In the figure, H0 to H3 are header dwords, and D0 to D9 are data dwords.

Figure 34. Three and Four DWord Header and Data on the TX and RX Interfaces
Note: Unlike in previous devices, in Stratix® 10 data is not qword aligned. If you are porting your application from an earlier implementation, you must update your application to compensate for this change.