External Memory Interfaces Arria® 10 FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683106
Date 4/01/2024
Document Table of Contents mem for DDR4

Interface between FPGA and external memory

Table 50.  Interface: memInterface type: Conduit
Port Name Direction Description
mem_ck Output CK clock
mem_ck_n Output CK clock (negative leg)
mem_a Output Address. Address bit A17 is defined only for the x4 configuration of 16 Gb SDRAM.
mem_ba Output Bank address
mem_bg Output Bank group
mem_cke Output Clock enable
mem_cs_n Output Chip select
mem_odt Output On-die termination
mem_reset_n Output Asynchronous reset
mem_act_n Output Activation command
mem_par Output Command and address parity
mem_dq Bidirectional Read/write data
mem_dbi_n Bidirectional Acts as either the data bus inversion pin, or the data mask pin, depending on configuration.
mem_dqs Bidirectional Data strobe
mem_dqs_n Bidirectional Data strobe (negative leg)
mem_alert_n Input Alert flag